1. Frontier

You are born underwater above cyan LED lights in a dim cavernous metal vessel. After translucent nanobots assemble your brain and body you awake as a cybernetic cowhand on Mars. You begin your work herding genetically modified cows for consumption by the wealthy on Earth.

'Frontier' draws on vintage space age aesthetic with folk instruments. Traditional string instruments and ticking Waldorf Blofeld drum machine frame the piece after the introduction. The minor melodies are inspired by the lilt of English Country Dance music. The compound time signatures and upfront bass line nod to Progressive Rock bands like Rush and Genesis.

In the middle I wanted to convey something towering, alien, and sudden. I wrote something based on a monolith one might find out of 'Strange Worlds'. A chromatic descending ostinato brings the listener to an acoustic violin solo beginning with deliberately off-kilter glissandi.

A synth-like electric violin solo finishes the journey. The final melody makes use of the traditional Scottish strathspey rhythm albeit in a melodically step-wise fashion.